Who We Are

The Partnership in Education is a program located at Duquesne University that is passionate about improving STEM education and health literacy. Funded in part by the National Institutes of Health, we specialize in creating innovative, hands-on educational products that make science engaging and fun for teachers, their students, and learners of all ages.

From the scientific method to evolution, or from the science of sleep to regenerative medicine – we believe that with the right tools and approach, fundamental principles of science can be made accessible to everyone.

What We Do

Apps, video games, television programs, movies, digital planetarium shows, interactive museum exhibits, vetted teaching materials – we use cutting-edge technologies and creative media platforms to bring science to life and inspire lifelong learning.

Led by John Pollock, Ph.D., biologist and award-winning educator and producer, our team regularly works with a wide range of partners, including artists and animators, technologists and developers, educators and evaluators, and medical doctors and researchers from leading institutions around the world.

Together, we create high-caliber, rigorously-tested, science-education tools for the 21st century that can be easily integrated into the classroom, museum, or living room.