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Spinal Cord Resources

Society for Neuroscience: Information for the General Public
A helpful website for both teachers and students alike! Features great links from neuroscientists, including online articles, brain facts, human interest success stories, and links to library resources.

Online Glossary of Neuroscience Words
A helpful resource for both teachers and students! Links for each letter of the alphabet make this glossary easy to navigate.

Neuroscience for Kids-The Spinal Cord
An informative website written just for kids about the spinal cord. Includes features like detailed diagrams, audio links to hear the pronunciation of spinal cord vocabulary, and activities like a “Spinal Cord Match-Up Puzzle” and a “Spinal Cord Puzzle.”

Resources for Teachers
Teachers can find additional activities to help their students explore the nervous system and the spinal cord. We suggest:
Bead Neuron Model
Connect the Neurons

Neuroscience Coloring Pages
Students can download an entire coloring book or individual pages to explore the spinal cord and nervous system through art!

 “Synapses” and “Synapses Change” Movie
Students can watch two online movies that explain the roles of synapses and how they change in the human body. Also featured are key terms including neurotransmitters, axons, synapses, and electrical and chemical signals.

More Resources: The Endocrine System

Kid's Health
This doctor-reviewed site gives an overview of the endocrine system, a detailed description of each organ in the endocrine system, and possible problems with the system.

Introduction to the endocrine system
Includes unique graphics and a quiz and review at the end.

How the Nervous System Interacts with Other Body Systems
How the nervous system works with other systems in the body, such as the skeletal system and the endocrine system.

The endocrine system
A simple explanation with complex diagrams.

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