Dr. Allevable's Unbelievable Laboratory - Bone and Heart

Key Topics
Biology of the bone, bone marrow, heart muscle, cardiomyocytes, stem cells, scaffold, tissue engineering

Dr. Allevable and Regenerobot invite you into their laboratory as they investigate the revolutionary field of regenerative medicine!

The human body is vulnerable to injuries, like bone breaks, skin burns and heart attacks. Explore how doctors are using tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to help us heal faster by enhancing the ways that the body heals itself. You’ll learn about the structures in a living cell along the way.

Dr. Allevable's was produced in partnership with the Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative.

• Animated movie for home or classroom
• Full-dome planetarium video

Grade-level: Middle school and up

Run-time: 25 mins

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Dr. Allevable's Unbelievable Laboratory
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