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Immune System & Other Curriculum

Cell City Lesson Plan

This lesson combines a technology component and a hands-on modeling activity to teach students about the structure and function of cell organelles. Students use the app, Powers of Minus Ten- Bone to explore the inner workings of cells. Similarities between the functions of organelles inside the cell are compared to the functions of various buildings and organizations in a town. Students work in groups and use modeling clay to create a model of an organelle as well as a city building. The class as a whole combines their models to create a cell city. A writing prompt serves as a wrap up assessment.

Grade Level: 5-8

Powers of Minus Ten Lesson Plan

For use with the award-winning app, Powers of Minus Ten, this worksheet guides students through the exploration of things big and small. From the microscopic to the macroscopic scale, students compare the relative sizes of objects. Students practice measuring distances in metric as well as converting large numbers into scientific notation. A walkthrough discovery-style mission about cell organelles and the process of mitosis is scaffolded.

Grade Level: 7-10

Spinal Cord Regenerative Medicine

This suite of activities allows students to work in groups to discover the relationships between food, metabolism, energy, and the human human system. Household products like bottles, yeast, modeling clay, and balloons provide hands-on pracctice for students to observe how the energy stored in food is used by the body. Used in conjunction with the movie, Our Cells, Our Selves, a focus on Type 1 diabetes is also explored. ESL versions of each lesson are also included.

Grade Level: 4-8

Our Cells, Our Selves Viewing Guide

For use with the movie, Our Selves, Our Selves, this viewing guide helps students discover the links between the human immune system and Type I diabetes. Scaffolded activities like making predictions and ordering the steps of an immune response are included in the guide. No prior knowledge of immune function or diabetes is necessary before viewing. Worksheet questions follow the plot and scientific content of the show, and are supplemented with open ended questions that allow for student creativity and discussion at the conclusion of the show.

Grade Level: 5-8

Our Cells, Our Selves Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is designed to help students review their knowledge of the human immune system through an interactive game called, Defend Your Body. Then, students will explore instances in which the immune system may malfunction. In addition to gameplay, students engage in a class discussion relating the similarities of gameplay with the function of a real immune system. Students then create their own version of the game by modeling the effects of various diseases on the human immune system.

Grade Level: 8-12


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