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Bone Curriculum

Scientastic Bag O' Bones

The Bag O’Bones activity allows students to use their creative skills to create a scene that depicts a human skeleton performing an everyday action along with an animal counterpart. Each skeleton will be labeled with selected bones to reinforce the anatomy of the human body.

Scientastic Bone Renovation

After viewing the Scientastic episode, “Sticks and Stones,” have the students create a visual aid or media which depicts the process of bone renovation. Students can create flow-charts, PowerPoints, storyboards, or short movies. As an extension activity, have students compare bone renovation to another part of the part which constantly renews itself.

Hands-on Bone Activities

This file contains three different hands-on activites related to bone structure, function, and health. In Building Big Bones students will work in pairs to investigate how the light, spongy layer around the bone’s marrow makes the bones lighter for easier movement, by comparing cardboard tubes filled with rocks and filled with kitchen sponges. In Doctor, Doctor! Pretending they are doctors, students will work individually to investigate how the appearance of bones changes once they are broken by creating patient files and reports. In Salt Dough Skeletons students working in groups of four, will use salt dough to create their own salt dough skeletons and label five bones using the Labeling Boxes Handout and glue.

Scientastic Dr Diagnosis

Prior to this lesson, students will need to view the Scientastic episode, “Sticks and Stones,” which covers topics including bone health, bone physiology, bone repair, and regenerative medicine. Having viewed an introduction to modern and regenerative medicine dealing with broken bones, students get to explore various broken bone vignettes in this station learning activity. The students will travel, in pre-assigned pairs or small groups, to 6 stations. Each station will provide the students will a short story about a person who broke a bone, their x-ray, a model of the broken bone, and a set of materials to “repair” the break. Students will record their repair diagnoses in their medical journal and discuss their findings with their classmates. As an extension, students can create their own medical station.

Bone Jeopardy

This is a PowerPoint file that serves as a template for a Jeopardy style quiz game focused on bone structure, function, and health. Skeletal anatomy and regenerative medicine treatments are also covered.

Scientastic Sticks and Stones Viewing Guide

For use with the TV show, Scientastic-Sticks and Stones, this viewing guide will help students to explore the concepts of bone health, regenerative medicine, and bone anatomy and physiology, as well as the problem of bullying. No prior knowledge of bone anatomy or health is needed before viewing. Worksheet questions follow the plot and scientific content of the episode and are supplemented with open ended questions that allow for student creativity and discussion at the conclusion of the episode.

Grade Level: 5-6


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